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Grant guidance from Hwb Caernarfon 2023

Hwb Caernarfon is keen to support activities within Caernarfon Town that will attract children, young people, adults and families into the Town and contribute positively to the local economy. 

  1. A sum of £20,000 is earmarked annually from HWB Caernarfon funds to support activities that boost Caernarfon's economy. Examples of activities would be, but are not unique to:
  • A festival of any kind where Caernarfon is promoted and attracts people into the Town
  • An event that is entertainment of any kind and attracts people into the Town

2.  The financial year will run from January to December. All applications will be considered by the Board and once the funds have been earmarked for the year, no more will be released until the following year. You can apply for any amount up to £10,000 pounds. Strong evidence of good value for money must be shown if the maximum amount designated is applied for.

3.   Applications are invited from individuals, groups or companies who meet with the fund's criteria. 

4.   Each application must clearly demonstrate how they meet the mandatory requirements below:

  • How the activity would benefit Caernarfon's economy and businesses
  • That the activity is carried out mainly through the medium of Welsh
  • Demonstrating value for money
  • Fully complete the application form
  • Demonstrate how they would promote the event with a clear recognition of the financial support from HWB Caernarfon

 5.  An application for funding will have to show how the activity meets with at least one of HWB Caernarfon’s themes, which are:

✓ Proudly Promoted

✓Clean, Green & Eco Friendly

✓ A Safe Place

✓ Together Stronger

6.         We cannot accept a request from a public body.

7.         All successful applications must comply with equal opportunity requirements and ensure access for all.

8.         All successful applications are expected to agree contractually with Hwb Caernarfon how to recognise and promote the work of Hwb Caernarfon including the provision of evidence.

9.         All grant holders are expected to co-operate to help us monitor activities and value for money. 

10.       DATA PROTECTION ACT 2018

HWB Caernarfon is the data controller for the purposes of the Act. The information provided in the application form will be used for the purpose of reporting and planning Work. Any personal information is kept confidential. 

 11.      Comply with the requirements along with signing a funding agreement.

Application form for grant support from Hwb Caernarfon

Application form for grant support from Hwb Caernarfon 2023